With our elite trainers we cover many topics related to technology and security. Training can be done face to face with one of our team members or over the internet if needed. We provide training in the following areas.



  • Basic Microsoft usage: Outlook,Word,Excel,PowerPoint.

  • Basic Computer usage: Configuration, install/Uninstall.

  • Basic Network: Configuration, security and monitoring, small business and home equipment.

  • Basic Security: Avoiding phishing, rudimentary online safety and office safety.



  • Advance Computer usage: PowerShell, Bash, Commandline.

  • Advance Server usage Windows: configuring and hardening servers, Adding, disabling and removing users, Exchange server configuration and maintenance, WSUS and third-party services configuration and maintenance.

  • Advance Network: Configuration and topology, hardening and monitoring your network, enterprise grade equipment.

  • Advance security: Avoiding enterprise grade Phishing, Avoiding enterprise grade vishing, understanding infrastructure security



  • Python: Basic/Advance 

  • Ruby: Basic/Advance

  • HMTL/CSS: Basic/Advance 

  • Secure coding 101


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Infrastructure is important and with our trained SecOps,NetOps,CloudOps and TechOps we make it our mission to improve security by following a simple standard. Build, maintain, test and train. We can build systems or your network, after we’ve built it we’ll test it to make sure its secure and if needed we’ll train your own staff allowing you to take control of your newly built infrastructure. With great foundations comes great ability to grow.



  • Networking Monitoring: We offer different plans for monitoring and protecting your network. From our IPS/IDS systems to 24/7 monitoring done by our trained professionals

  • Vulnerability assessment: We offer to scan your network for any misconfiguration to your network,servers or computers.

  • Penetration test: We offer penetration testing for clients looking to get more than just a list of errors, with our trained team of SecOps we’ll not only return a report that is more than just a vulnerability scan we’ll test the holes we find to make sure its not a false positive and can offer to fix them.

  • Application testing: We do web and application testing, similar to our penetration testing a professional SecOps will review your code and report back to you with any holes found.

  • Infrastructure: We offer complete packages which include configuring or building your new or existing infrastructure with our professionally trained NetOps or CloudOps which we then run a full-scale penetration test against to insure your safety.

  • Data Protection: We offer off-site storage for physical data, back-up strategies, as well as off-site backups located on our secure servers or cloud options. We also build secure storage systems to be used on-site.


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Communication is key, and secure communications is often overlooked in the big picture of business. Just like the need for strong infrastructure the need to communicate effectively and efficiently is high. We at Koda Ops believe that secure communications and data integrity.



  • Secure Communication: Make sure your conversations can’t be eavesdropped by hackers or even the competition. We’ll set you up with a client that offers  end to end encrypted chat,voice/video call and file sharing.

  • Data Integrity: With information being sent,stored and viewed its only right to want to make sure the data you’re looking at is not only the correct data but also data that hasn’t been compromised or tampered with.  We offer many different forms of two factor authentication for physical machines to software like Dropbox and Google Drive.


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Development of  websites and Application’s are in high demand, but how do you know you’re making secure applications or websites. You could pay to have your website tested after you’ve already made it. We offer that as well or you could pay an all in one fee to have your website made,hosted and tested for security flaws. when it comes to applications we want to be your source of easy and reliable application drafting, making, testing, and hosting.



  • Website development & Hosting: We will make your website, host it and protect it. We offer monitoring not only of the server but the website itself. We also offer SSL/HTTPS.

  • Application development & Hosting: We will help make or make your application for you, we will host it and protect. We offer monitoring not only for the server but the application itself.

  • Development adviser: We offer advice to developers who are looking to make sure their websites of applications are secure, with this developers don’t share their entire code library and only ask for the help they need when they need it.

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