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    A word of mention here. I’m going to be adding much more info to this as time goes by. I wanted to get SOMETHING up at least for the moment.

    Kali – http://www.kali.org – Debian based. Generally considered the go-to standard for pentesting.

    ParrotSec – http://www.parrotsec.org – debian based.

    Pentoo – pentoo.ch – gentoo based (precompiled luckily)

    Backbox – backbox.org – ubuntu based

    Backtrack – one of the original pentesting distros, suceeded by Kali

    Blackbuntu – out of use

    Nodezero – ubuntu based

    BlackArch – blackarch.org – arch based, can install on regular arch system with script
    ArchStrike – archstrike.org – arch based
    ArchAssault – sourceforge.net/projects/archassault – arch based

    Cyborg – cyborg.ztrela.com – ubuntu based

    Weakerth4n – weaknetlabs.com – debian based

    Lionsec – lionsec-linx.org – ubuntu based

    Dracos – CLI only, new release


    whonix – http://www.whonix.org
    tails – tails.boum.org
    qubes – http://www.qubes-os.org

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