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    The Code:

    “The code is more what you call guidelines, than actual rules” -Captain Barbosa

    • Please make this place a friendly place for new-comers and longtime members of the forums and infosec community
    • We highly encourage the freedom of expression and an exchange of information in a mature and responsible manner. Please be civil and kind to others.
    • “Don’t be a dick” -Wil Wheaton
    • “Be excellent to each other” -Bill and Ted
    • Don’t rush forum members off to google because you don’t want to explain things to newcomers.

    Below are the rules for using the forums here at Koda Ops, these are not like the above set of guidelines, These are rules to be followed and will have consequences for users that do not follow them. As we grow rules will be added, removed or modified to fit out standard. By signing up to this site you agree to obey these rules.


    1. No flaming or trolling: Post’s that have a direct intention of insulting or harming another user will not be tolerated and will be dealt with, depending on the severity of the attack.

    2. No NSFW content: No linking to NSFW sites and no posting of NSFW material. We’re here for security not porn.

    3.This is a security forum. Please keep all conversations and posts related to security, we understand that security is a huge blanket so we’ll be adding new forums as needed.

    4. This is not 4chan, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or any other social media platform, so please don’t treat it like such and do not act like it is. If you want to have an off-topic conversations you can join our Members Tongue section.

    5. Linking to information or data is not prohibited, but knowingly linking infected data will get you premabanned. Outside of that this is not a torrenting site. Please do not post links to movies, pirated software etc. Stay legal and remember everything is for research.

    6. Do not I repeat DO NOT! Do bad opsec, no posting of personal information in forums such as emails, phone numbers and other personally identifiable information.

    7. Do not post personal information that isn’t yours, privacy is to be respected here. No doxing.

    8. Do not post links to fake programs or tools

    9. No Botting or usage of multiple accounts

    10. Advertising of competing sites is not allowed. This refers to any website with a hacker forum that’s similar to Koda Ops or has a relatively similar forum structure. Advertising includes signatures, PMs, profiles, and posts.

    11. No posts for donation begging or loan requests. Some exceptions can be made for this. If you have doubt about if your post can qualify as an exception please contact a Mod.

    12. No political or religious posts, expressions or comments. We are all here for one thing and we could careless about who you voted for and what religion you attend. Repeat offenders will be premabanned

    13. Short or low quality posts that give nothing to the conversation at hand will be removed. Please use full sentences to answer something and if you don’t know the answer then move on.

    14. Do not attack newcomers, people are wanting to join our community more and more each day we should be proud and should be helping them. With that said rule 15 should also be taken into consideration when helping a newcomer.

    15. Do not post “How to hack my Insert Email” here or anything of the sort. We’re not your personal army you will not hire people here to do your personal bidding. Hopefully our members will be able to tell when someone genuinely needs help.

    16. Please try to act mature, or at least like you’re older than 16 even if you aren’t

    17. Spamming is strictly prohibited

    18. If someone or something on the forums is getting on your nerves we ask that you take a deep breathe and try to relax before blindly posting and starting something that can get both you and the original person banned. If you’re having an issues with someone in the community please contact a mod as soon as possible.

    19. We encourage users to post links to their creations, however please do not try selling your creations on the forums. Links to Github projects etc are always welcomed here. Share your information and projects and help us grow as a community.

    20. Impersonating another user or stealing another users account information is strictly prohibited and will result in a premaban

    21. Racism, sexism, or any other form of discrimination is not allowed on these forums. We want to welcome everyone to our forums, no matter their skin color, sex, gender, or sexual orientation. This also goes for treating members of the opposite gender with respect; everyone should be equal and members of the opposite sex deserve the same respect that you give members of your own sex. Derogatory terms meant to belittle or insult users will not be tolerated.

    22. Above all have fun and learn on!

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